VYBES Candles

VYBES Candles


Ambiance 09 is a very complex fragrance that opens with rich citrus & herb notes blended with spices and leading to a finish of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, amber & musk.

Ambiance 22 opens with verdant notes followed by layers of clove, cedar wood & patchouli. The fragrance finishes with sandalwood, amber, musk & vetiver.

Ambiance 82 is a very special scent that begins with rose accord and slight hits of caraway and cumin. Rose stands out as the main theme along with cedarwood and vetiver. These notes rest on a musk base with frankincense and agarwood inflections.


Hand poured in Los Angeles.

Ambiance scents do not contain Hemp CBD. Burning Hemp CBD in a candle has absolutely no known health benefits and would be a poor use of this precious compound.

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